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Tikkurila maalipesu (Cleaning Agent)

Tikkurila maalipesu (Cleaning Agent)
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Maalipesu (Cleaning Agent) Description Alkaline cleaning and pre-treating detergent for interior and exterior surfaces prior to painting. Product features Walls, floors, furniture, doors, building boards, boats, etc. Cleans unpainted surfaces by removing dirt, grease, oil, wax etc. Also suitable for pre-treatment of hard and glossy paint surfaces prior to painting. Undiluted Maalipesu cleans the surface and generates a matt finish that improves adhesion of the new paint coat. Latex and other matt paint surfaces can be pre-treated with diluted Maalipesu (1 part Maalipesu, 10 parts water or 1 part Maalipesu, 5 parts water). Maalipesu is especially suitable for cleaning very dirty surfaces, where strong dissolving power is needed without the adverse effects of solvents. Maalipesu is not recommended for washing a metal roof or used directly on unpainted galvanized surface. Recommended uses Walls, floors, furniture, doors, building boards, boats, etc.

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