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Jotun Visir Primer Pigmented

Jotun Visir Primer Pigmented
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Visir Pigmented Primer is a special water resistant primer that contains powerful agents to counteract Sclerotia, and agents that create a film to protect against blue stain and black fungus. The product binds loose wood fibres and provides a good surface for further treatment. The special pigmentation protects woodwork against dangerous UV light and has a colour that resembles woodwork. Properties: Counteracts Sclerotia. Strengthens the surface and makes it water resistant. Gives longer durability to the paint system. Area of use: To be used before applying stains and paints  can be used on all new and weatherworn external woodwork, and also on pressure impregnated wood. Visir Clear Primer should NOT be used during the cold times of the year (below 5 degrees C).

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